AEDG team member, Jode Fourie, visited the CHPC/CSIR facility in Cape Town today to meet with Charles Crosby from the CHPC and Ernst Burger from Altair to discuss the project and meet face to face for the first time after months of online conversation (Charles provided the coffee as requested by Ernst as a pre-requisite for him joining the meeting!). 
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The AEDG Team again visited the Livingstone Hospital ICU to meet with Dr Marne Page and Dr Lorenzo Boretti regarding some more projects that have come to light recently following challenges faced by the Anaesthesiologists in the government hospitals.
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MeCAD Representatives visited the campus on 17th and 18th February to showcase their new range of Dassault and Altair products as the local resellers. The AEDG Team spent most of Friday installing the 3DExperience platform onto the Lab computers.
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The 2021 RAPDASA Conference was hosted at the CSIR ICC over the period 3rd-5th November and the AEDG Team attended in full, displaying their various projects from the previous year, as well as presenting three talks on specific projects completed in 2021
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