The AEDG Team again visited the Livingstone Hospital ICU to meet with Dr Marne Page and Dr Lorenzo Boretti regarding some more projects that have come to light recently following challenges faced by the Anaesthesiologists in the government hospitals.

These projects have sprung up based on our collaborative association with the Doctors at Livingstone Hospital with the Intubation Box project from 2020 that was an urgent need as a result of the Covid pandemic restrictions.

After the team made their way through the labyrinthine nooks 'n crannies of Livingstone's corridors, we had an excellent meeting discussing several small projects that would make a difference to various operational procedures specifically for the Anaesthetists, who face incredible challenges with limited resources in emergency situtations.

Several projects were identified that could be achieved in fairly short lead times utilizing the combined skills of our student design team, our in-house 3D Printers and the combined electronics skills of both the Doctors and ourselves.

Now the challenge is for our team members to produce something solid that does the job...keep your eyes peeled for new reports in the Projects section coming up... 

Posted on 04 March 2022 21:58:49

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