Welcome to the Projects page which showcase the various collaborative projects that we have been involved in over the years.

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(this page is currently under continuous update so some links are not active yet - please be patient as this will happen over time)

Many photos of the various projects can be found on the Group's FaceBook album pages - AEDG Photo Albums




GT3 Racing Car Dive Planes project

TPMS Heat Exchanger project

Touch Hand 6.0 project

Hydroponics Systems project

Formula Africa Front Suspension project

Formula Africa Rear Suspension project

SASB Mounts project

Watersports Foil project




Aero Profiling Project

Heat Sink Project 

Fluid Channel Project

Blood Alert Project




Golf Putter Project

Touch Hand V5.0 Project 

BiPAP Ventilator Project 

Recurve Bow Project

Aero Rake Design Project




Touch Hand 4.0 Project

Intubation Unit & Accessories Project

Salutaris Ventilator Project

Touch Hand Socket Project




Mountain Bike Frame project

SCARA Robot project

Steering Wheel project

Brake Support Structure project

eDrive project


2018 & Previous


Steering Arch project

Rear Drive Supports project

C Bracket project

Carbon Wheel Optimization project

Eco-Car project